Application Process

Write Your Next Chapter

What We Expect From You

Commitment to performing the tasks requires excellence of character. Cheswold VFC members inspire each other through pride in our station, units, and community, considering every action reflects on all the past and present department members.

Service to our neighbors and community. Not everyone can fight fires or work in a technical rescue situation. There are many ways to serve the community and us if you have experience in business administration, fundraising, social media, and community networking.

Preparedness to ensure you have the tools and knowledge to approach any emergency situation with calmness and confidence. From burning buildings to car extractions, your overall preparedness as a firefighter is essential to the success of our department and the community’s trust in us.

4 Steps to Becoming a Volunteer

The application process can take two to three months, depending on when your application is received. Everything must be completed accurately and promptly.

  1. Fill out the interest form here
  2. Applicants will be sent an application.
    • Complete the application and submit it online or deliver it to the station.
    • Applicants will need to obtain and submit the following:
      • Obtain your official Driver’s Record Report
      • Copy of your driver’s license or State Identification card for verification
      • Copy of your Social Security card for verification
  3. Once your completed application is received and reviewed, the Fire Chief will schedule an interview with the applicant and the Interview Committee.
  4. The membership application will be presented and voted on at Department’s Membership meeting.
  5. Acceptance: New members will serve a probationary period, ordinarily lasting 1year from the time membership is approved.
    • During your probationary period, members receive the following:
      • Receive gear
      • Response pager
      • Login credentials for alerting application
      • Participate in responses as an Observer
    • Members will also complete the following: