Benefits of Volunteering

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It Pays to Volunteer

Being a volunteer for Cheswold Volunteer Fire Company is about building fundamental skills that benefit you in real life.

At the firehouse and in the community, CVFC members have a sense of belonging and feel valued and respected. We welcome families of all backgrounds and prepare them to serve as successful members and leaders, benefiting the Cheswold community.


Many types of State and County scholarships are available to assist college-bound members in achieving college goals.

Equipment & Gear

We provide and pay for all equipment and safety gear needed to perform department duties. Safety is a top priority to ensure members are properly protected.

Tax Benefits

Active members of Delaware volunteer fire, ambulance, or rescue service company or its auxiliary receive a non-refundable income tax credit of $500.

Blood Bank

Cheswold VFC members are eligible to join the Blood Bank. The company pays for all membership fees and annual dues. The company will continue to pay the yearly dues as long as you remain a member. You should supply a blood donation when called by the blood bank or make a payment to the blood bank to replace a blood donation.

Workman’s Compensation

As a member of the Cheswold VFC, you are eligible for Worker’s Compensation at no cost. Worker’s Compensation will provide you with money for immediate expenses if you should be unable to work due to an injury received during a fire company alarm or function.

Life Insurance

All active members in the company are eligible to receive a pension for service rendered as a volunteer in the Delaware Fire Service. The company pays pension premiums for every active year you receive. After ten years, the pension plan is vested. The maximum pension credit is 25 years, with pension benefits starting at age 60.

Additional Benefits